Righting the World


By:  Hunter Carr

One Saturday morning the dad was doing his weekly household chores, hurrying in order to take his son to his afternoon Little League game.  The son was excited because his dad was going to the game with him, but he was fidgety while waiting for his dad to get the chores done.  Remembering the puzzle of the world above the refrigerator, the dad sat his son down at the kitchen table and said to him, “Help Daddy put this puzzle of the world together.”  The son poured out the pieces and the dad headed back to his chores, knowing his son would be busy for a while.

In about 10 minutes, his son was back at his feet.  The dad said, “Son, go back to the kitchen and put the puzzle together for me.” The son looked up at his dad and, with a big smile, replied, “I have already done it, Dad. I helped you and put the puzzle together, just like you asked.”  In disbelief, his father said, “Let’s go see.” They entered the kitchen, and there on the table was the puzzle of the world, all finished correctly. The dad, amazed, asked his son, “How did you do that?” The son replied, “I saw a picture of a man on the back, so I put the man together and turned the puzzle over and the world was right.”

This fun little story illustrates the reason we celebrate Easter. Jesus came to put man back together, so the world and all of His creation would be righteous. Righting man rights the world, but since Adam’s sin, man has lost his foundation.  Jesus returned and established the New Foundation on His GRACE AND TRUTH and taught us that right believing brings right thinking, which brings right living.  The global family of Christians (the people, congregations, churches) is the most successful organization in the world! More people attend church over one weekend than attend all the sporting events for an entire year! It’s time for Christians to proclaim themselves as Jesus taught us to do!