Business Success in Today’s Economy


Why do some people seem so successful, while others are failing miserably?

Hunter Carr

Have you ever met that person who seems to always know the “What” but never the “How”?

During a typical week, I will look at from 5 to 10 new business opportunities, and I could look at more if I chose to. It is exciting to see how people think they will make a Big Hit, a Great Success–you know, the Big One–yet very few ever make it, especially the first time. Psychologists, Entrepreneurs, Pastors, and many others have tried to explain why one makes it and another fails, even when given the same circumstances.

Personally, I have been successful and I have failed many times, in different ventures and with different players. When I was 20 years old I started HMH, Inc. a collection agency. I was a student at the University of Texas at Arlington, working nights at Montgomery Ward, collecting money on the phone from those who did not pay. It was a job that I could do and go to school, and it paid better than being a clerk selling rags in a store, or sacking            groceries.

Somewhere I had read a book or heard someone say, “If you want to be successful, find a problem and fix it, and you will have success all of your life.” As I watched the outside collectors for Montgomery Ward come and go, get hired and be terminated, I realized that they, the management, had a problem! They could not manage the outside collections and also manage the 72 daytime collectors and 60 night-time collectors. It was not long after talking with me that the manager offered me the job, but I did not want a job where he was still managing the day-to-day outside collections. I suggested to him that I would do it, but only as a contracted company hired to collect. He agreed, and in just one year I had made $125,000 (this was in 1968) in profits.

Since then I have had many opportunities, but never really worked as an employee for anyone but myself. As I see opportunities and read the plans and the forecast I am always reminded of the many times that I have put materials together trying to raise money to hit a home run. A lot of the time I have struck out, but when I did homer, nothing in business is any sweeter. Therefore, I have experience in making successes and making failures, and in helping others be successful. My motto is: “If you help someone else to the top of the mountain you will also arrive on top, so I’ll do my part; I will push!”

It has been my experience that when it comes to business success, there are basically two types of people. One is Goal Directed, highly motivated, focuses, is a self-starter, go-getter. The other has the same qualities, except the qualities never line up. Here is an example of what I mean:

When I was a kid growing up in White Settlement, Texas, and then Fort Worth, our family had a friend from Louisiana named Maurice Gerrod Zeringue, a Cajun and proud of it. His family owed 25,000 acres next to the famous plantation in “Oak Alley.” As a kid I would go hunt with them on the property. We would hunt swamp rabbits, a large version of a cottontail, good to eat. They had a dog named Beau, and he was a cross between a Blue Tick Hound and a Beagle, white with blue spots and brown ears. They would bring him to the hunt and he was the most excited dog, jumping and howling, pawing, and ready to go. They would turn him loose first, as he would immediately have a rabbit tracked and all the other dogs would be right behind him. But Beau had a problem. He found the track really quick, but no matter what crossed his path, he would chase it–whether skunk, raccoon, nutria, etc.

The guy who knows the “what,” but never the “how,” is like Beau. He gets on the path quickly but he cannot stay on the path. He’s off chasing the next deal before he is successful or determines he will not be successful. This person is a “wandering generality,” possessing all the same qualities as the first person we called the Successful One.

Mr.Wandering Generality focuses on fixing problems, He is a self-starter, He is excited but only about the new deal, he loses his way easily. The sad thing about the Mr. Ws is that they are usually the most friendly, and have the ability to convince others to follow them, but they have no follow-up. If you are a Mr. W, how do become a Mr. M–Motivated (successful)?

Most of my life I have run my businesses primarily to make money, and I just liked working for myself, even when I could not get paid, and had to make sure all the employees received their paychecks, when I had to borrow money from the bank and pay it back before I could be paid. And yes, even all the little things, like carrying out the trash at the office; I just like business, it was a passion to make something work, to see if I could generate better than a living, providing services or product to others. As I started helping companies go public and developing strategies for raising money, I realized there was in me a quality that I did not realize I had. One of my partners used to say, “You have to find your passion before you can be successful.” Most of us wander around like Mr. W; we don’t know our passion.

In the last several years I found a passion in my life and I realized I had missed before but do not want to miss it this time, for it is the most important passion in my life. Until you experience it in its fullness, you will not understand. We are taught that we must “Do Right. We live our lives (most of us) trying every day to do right. “I will do this right, this time,” we might say. We try to say the right things, we try to do the right things, but we never fully succeed. I realized because of my failures when I was trying to do the right thing that it cannot be about doing the right things; it must start with Thinking Right.

Mr W. is not thinking right; he thinks the next deal is the big deal. He does not pay the dues for success; he is trying to avoid paying those costs of building a deal and seeing it through. That is why he chases every deal, as he becomes a catalog salesman: “let me show you this deal; if you don’t like that deal, let me show you this one.” And so on.

Mr. M is a right thinker, he has a foundation of righteousness, which brings right doing and success. The only place that I have found and that I believe exists to find Right Thinking is God’s Word to us: The Holy Bible. Once you find that passion, everything in your life will change, it will never be the same again. I know because that is my passion that changed me, when GRACE and TRUTH came in the embodiment of Jesus Christ into my life, daily–first and foremost.

God has a GREAT Outpouring of His Spirit happening today! Just for YOU and Me.

Hunter Carr