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The Carrs and the Wilsons at Global Media Fundraiser

I was recently honored to meet and spend time with Walt Wilson, formerly one of the key people for Apple Computers, who was hired by Steve Jobs himself.  Walt said he had no real education, but Steve Jobs said, “then you are a real thinker” and hired him!  Education or not (although it is good to have), does not define success or failure; “You do!”

At the age of 20, while in college at University of Texas at Arlington, I was working for Montgomery Wards in Grand Prairie, Texas. as a nighttime phone collector.  Over the course of three months I watched as the manager hired and fired five different outside collection companies.  Each time he fired one, I would have coffee with the manager at the break and ask, “Why did you fire them?”  When I got back to my desk I made a list of each of the reason that he terminated the contracts.  After he fired the fifth one, I went to him, humbly, and asked, “Would you give me a contract to do the outside collections for you in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area?”  I knew this manager had a problem that would eventually affect his job and job rating (as he had told me that), so I was not surprised when he said, “Yes.”

I had never run a business, other than throwing newspapers and getting some friends and my bother to throw routes for me.  But I had heard college professors say that there are three ways to make money; 1) man at work, 2)  men at work, 3)  money at work.  I guess when I had the paper route I had figured out that men at work make me more money.  My guess is that the professor today would say that there are four ways, and the fourth would be that the government will pay you to stay home.  The fourth is very sad to me, because I know that anyone that wants to work in America can do so.  They may not be able to what they want to do, but they can work.  For proof of that, just look around at all the foreign people who have moved to America and gotten jobs.  I think it because Americans did not want to do those jobs.  If you are reading this and wondering about working and jobs and what to do–you do not want the embarrassment of receiving entitlements (which are not entitlements; it’s a misnomer). I pray that this article helps you see this.

Just as I did, you can do.  Find a need and fill it. Every day I see things that someone could do to start a business and make real money.  I started several businesses with no money in my pocket, nothing but an idea.  I have heard so many people talk about a great idea, but they didn’t do it because they had no money.  Years a young man named Jerry Perenchio thought if he promoted a fight between Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali (f/k/a Cassius Clay), he would become a millionaire.  He contacted Madison Square Garden, and they agreed that if he could raise the money to pay the fighters, they would put up $500,000.  He knew he needed $1,000,000 per fighter to get them in the fight (would be 10 times that today), so his budget was $2.5 million. He had the $500,000 but needed the $2 million.  He contacted everyone he knew and got references of others who might be interested in this World Class fight.  He begin to call on people, and I always ask young businessmen, or men who want to be businessmen; where would you stop? After seeing 10 people, or 20 people, 30 people? Remember these are NOs, or would it be 40 NOs, or 50, or 60, or 70?  When he walked away from the 72nd person he talked to, a man named Price, he was carrying a check for $2 million.

You will might say “Good story Hunter, but that cannot happen today.” Not to be rude, “but that is wrong!” Here is an idea: the next time Apple or Microsoft announces a new product, or a store is offering special pricing, and lines are outside for hours, go to a local restaurant and get them to provide you sandwiches, and bottled or canned drinks and water to sell to the crowd. Tell the restaurant owner that you are his representative and you will pay him on the products sold.  Take a markup on the products for your time, and walk up and down the lines offering refreshments.  (By the way, I have paid people to stand in those lines for me.  So you could offer to hold someone’s place for $5 or $2). The point I make is that there are thousands of ways to make money every day.  You do not have to be a panhandler or living on the taxpayers’ backs.  Truthfully, creating a business, working hard for a day’s pay, is the greatest motivator.  Don’t be stuck; you can accomplish more than I have in my life, simply by finding a need and filling it.  These ideas are just simple examples, but they are just a few of the many opportunities out there for everyone in America, and those opportunities make America THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY, FOR ALL OF US.

That first business–outside collections for Montgomery Ward–was just a stepping stone.  I named the company HMH, Inc. and was soon hiring employees. I had 23 college students out collecting for “Monkey Wards,” as it was called in those days, all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  Each one made $250 to $325 per week–about $12 to $20 per hour when minimum wage was $1.25 per/hour.  How did I do?  I made $125,000 after taxes my first year. In today’s money that would be more than a million dollars.  Did I have something special?  No!  Was I highly educated?  No!  Did my family give me money? No, my mother a telegraph operator for the Texas & Pacific Railroad, raising us kids, so there was no extra money.

In that time with the manager after he fired each outside collection company I was able to determine what his needs were and how I could satisfy every complaint he had.  I am not sure he would say I saved his job, but I would say to him, if I knew where he was today, “Thank your for changing my life, my plight, and my dreams!”

Here are the keys that make you successful.

  • Believe in God.
  • Have an open mind to see the needs of others.
  • Be willing to take the risk to solve needs of others.
  • Failure is just a place to start from–not an end but a beginning
  • Success is an end, where you begin again.
  • Man at work: that is the beginning
  • Men at Work: that is growing
  • Money at work: that is the success where you start again.
  • Put God first; it makes it easier when He is your partner.

3 John 1:2