American Renewal Project

American Renewal Project
By Hunter Carr

September 26, 2014, I was in New Hampshire with the American Renewal Project put together by David and Cindy Lane, along with Dr. Ken Canfield. I found myself at the VIP table, and there was Gov. Bobby Jindal seated next to me. He was one of the many dynamic speakers, and we forged a friendship that began that day.  

What is the American Renewal Project? It is a group of believers who understand that America as a country was founded through the Christian spirit. They teach and talk about the importance of voting–that it is not just a right but a responsibility. For two days great men and women of faith came and shared their beliefs, concerns, prayers, and encouragement for pastors to get the congregations to vote, with no specific party mentioned.

In the last presidential election the United States had more than 89 million conservatives, but only about half of them were registered to vote–about 40 million. Out of that 40 million, only about 20 million actually voted. Every politician and pollster is digesting these numbers, as they regurgitate them over and over. The liberals experience a great deal of fear when the question is asked, “What happens if the Conservatives vote?” And all politicians are fearful of this question: “What if 95% or 100% of all Americans voted?” That is the scariest of all questions, considering the debacle of the last 10 years!

One speaker covered the history of Christianity and the history of Islam. Those countries were run by Kings, and we Americans are the first nation to survive being run by the people; the people are the kings; therefore you are a King. You and me, we have the freedom to choose, make decisions, got to the church of our choice, or not go; no one is forcing us. But our liberties are being reduced because we do not vote in every election. It is like the King who allowed others to run his kingdom. History says that they would be overthrown, and there would be a new king in the kingdom. That being true, if you do not vote, you are the king who did not run his kingdom.

Jesus spoke of our relationship to the Kingdom on numerous occasions; what is your relationship with it today? If God said, “I prospered you and gave you a kingdom. What did you do with it?” And you say, “I let others run it into the ground,” is that the same as the story that Jesus told of the master and the talents, and the one who wasted his opportunity? Is that what you will tell Jesus when He asks you about your kingdom? “I wasted my opportunity!”

Our forefathers came to America to find the freedom to worship Jesus Christ. Our country–and the world–is hungry for that kind of foundation, the foundation that was created by God “In the Beginning.” What do citizens of the world think their foundation is? Maybe it comes from world power, maybe from might over another. Some say it’s from knowledge that you get with education, and there are many others.

I wonder if this is how Egypt developed so many gods. Ecclesiastes says “there is nothing new under the sun!” like we have control over our lives, even to the extreme of having power over others. America still remains the voice in the wilderness calling out the promises of God and the Freedom to seek Him in all things, at all times, without retribution. But for this to remain true, Christians must stand up and be counted. We can no longer be complacent in our easy life, for if we do that, our grandchildren and generations after them will suffer, until Jesus comes back.

American Renewal Project is about getting the vote out; it is not a political group, but is one promoting the advancement of our civil right to vote, and our pastors’ and ministers’ rights to encourage voting and teach the morality of the church, that morality that is highlighted in the Bible, the word of God, which was the basis for the two most important document ever created outside of the Bible: the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

We may not agree with one another on how to fix our country or the world, but we can agree that God knows how; therefore, we all need to be praying for God’s wisdom in our lives. If each of us can find that personal relationship, we will leave a better nation then we were born into or came to.

Be blessed.

Hunter Carr

Addendum: In the Presidential election of November 2016, conservatives did, in fact, VOTE! We must continue.